How is PeelTEA good for you?

PeelTEA is genuinely good for you. With no chemicals, no additives, and benefits your body will love, we have extracted nutrients known well in research for improving blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and stimulating growth of good gut bacteria.

Including Quercetin, Polyphenols, and Anthocyanadins, PeelTEA boasts benefits that our product testing labs are seeing for the first time ever in beverage formulations.

What is PeelTEA?

PeelTEA is a healthy, great tasting, organic tea. Best served cold but also delicious warmed up! Truly the perfect thirst quencher with benefits your body will love. 

The nutrients in PeelTEA have been finely extracted from fruit and vegetable peels using centuries old science and modern day technology. 

All PeelTEA's are crafted using repurposed organics that go through our extensive cleaning and preparation process. A beverage unlike any other with its true focus on nutrients and sustainability, a single flavours production saves the CO2 emissions equivalent to the energy consumed by a home annually.