Who We Are

Motivated and aimed at becoming a leader in the functional beverage sector, Peeled Beverages is excited and committed to continuing our product development to ensure we only deliver our best to market. Focused on nutrient optimization in our extraction process, while respecting amazing taste and flavours, we are using ourPeelTEA line of beverages to prove that a genuinely healthy beverage can taste good and be enjoyed every day. No story on the bottle, but rather real data to go with the hundreds of years of science involving the nutrients of fruit and vegetable peels. Finalizing our strategy and nearing product launch, both our teams in British Columbia and Alberta are determined to build a sustainable, impactful, and memorable brand that will consistently deliver quality products.

  • Sam

    Uniqe packaging and incredible taste. I cannot wait to be able to purchase this in stores!

  • Charlotte

    I honestly really enjoyed PeelTEA. I like to know what I am putting in my body and after reading the ingredients and nutritional facts, I could not believe that it tasted so good.

  • Olivia

    Tried Lemon + Vanilla - what an incredible flavour combo. So delicious!

  • Geoff

    Cannot wait for PeelTEA to be in stores. I love when companies value sustainability.

  • Malik

    Honey's my favourite. Really like the Lemon + Vanilla though. Nice how subtle they are.

  • Jason

    Fascinated that a company has successfully been able to do what Peeled has.

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Creators of PeelTEA, the beverage crafted from repurposed organic fruit and vegetable peels.

Hundred Year Old Science Meets Modern Day Taste.

  • Research & Development

    “Our key nutrients of Quercetin, Polyphenols, and Anthocyanidins are each widely researched globally and packed with antioxidants that help protect the body’s tissues from oxidative stress and associated pathologies. Researched and ready, for the first time any of our lab partners have ever seen, we have discovered a novel process to extract and seamlessly deliver these nutrients with PeelTEA.”

    - Matthew Choi
    Chief Product Officer

  • Sustainability

    Proud to join companies such as Patagonia and Nature’s Path, Peeled Beverages is committed to giving 1% of net sales each year to approved organizations who focus on sustainability and climate initiatives.

    Peeled Beverages is also very proud to partner with Canadian beekeeper’s to donate 1% of net sales to support their hives and
    businesses. Organic honey plays an important role in our products, as well as human existence.

  • Innovation

    Gaining inspiration from centuries of science surrounding the nutrients that fruit and vegetable peels contain, we set out to extract these valuable nutrients recognizing there
    were no products on the market that utilized them. After financing and leveraging extensive R&D and deploying science-based methods from around the world, we have successfully extracted key nutrients from the peels and created beverages that are the first of their kind in North America.