We combine centuries old science with modern day technology🤓 to create tasteful bevvies✨

Our most important core value is being transparent with the ingredients & nutrients in our beverages. Quercetin, Polyphenols, and Anthocyanidins, are three key nutrients our products boast that are each researched globally🌎 and genuinely good for you. On top of PeelTEA being packed with antioxidants, our nutrients help protect your body’s tissues from stress, improve your gut, blood🩸, and heart💚 health, and help reduce overall inflammation in your body!

Our unique brewing👀 and extraction process is what sets up apart from any other beverage in the industry! We've discovered a way to bring an ACTUAL healthy beverage with no chemicals, no additives and no fake sugars. We vow to always provide our community with the tastiest, most refreshing and actually healthy brews to sip on all year long!


Together for a greener world, we can inspire change! We're all about making a positive impact on the planet🌎. Our commitment to a greener future ranges from reducing waste by giving a second life to fruit & vegetable peels to preserving our buzzing buddies, the bees!

🐝 Bee-lieving in a cause: 

Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem, so we've partnered with local Canadian beekeepers to support sustainable practices and donate a percentage of our profits to them annually. By choosing Peeled products, you're helping us protect these pollinators and maintain a flourishing environment.

♻️ We Repurpose, Reinvent, & Refresh:

We're all about the three R's—Repurpose, Reinvent, Refresh! Join our #SustainableSquad and embrace a zero-waste lifestyle. Get creative with our packaging & repurpose our tea cans! Together, we can sip sustainably and make every moment count.

🌎 Empowering Change:

At Peeled Beverages, we believe in the power of collective action. That's why we donate 1% of our net profits every year to environmental organizations dedicated to preserving our beautiful planet. By choosing Peeled, you're not just savouring heavenly flavours, but also actively supporting a greener, brighter future.🌿🌍💚

Social Initiatives to Support the Planet by Donating 1% of net profits to to approved organizations who focus on sustainability and climate initiatives.