Our Story✨

Who are we, you ask? We're a bunch of tea-obsessed folks on a mission to revolutionize the functional beverage game and elevate your sipping journey to a whole new level of awesome!

It all started with a simple idea🤔 In an industry with beverages filled with harsh chemicals, additives and unnatural ingredients, how could we create a tasteful drink to be enjoyed by our consumers around the worldğŸŒŽ all while providing healthy nutrients and helping our planet?

Here's how it all started✨ We noticed how tons of fruit & veggies peels go to waste every single year! We know that fruit & vegetable peels are full of healthy nutrients such as quercetin, polyphenols, and anthocyanidins. We asked ourselves, how could we extract those nutrients and transform them into a delicious beverage? Thousands of attempts later and working hand in hand with some of the biggest labs🤓 in Canada, we've received news that our unique process of extracting those healthy nutrients from veggie peels was possible!

A second challenge awaited us.💪 Could we actually make the brew taste good?🫢 After working with one of the leading flavour science groups in Vancouver, Canada, we finally found our answer! We'd discovered how to make a tasty, healthy, nutrient filled & refreshing beverage🌱 with NO unenjoyable aftertaste!

Our production began in late 2020 at a home kitchen and soon expanded into a local Lethbridge café☕ kitchen, where we started producing after their business hours.

We started to see results in early 2021 and saw success with small-batch production, selling both in local markets and in the café where our production took place.

Our packaging has gone through many changes since Peeled Beverages was born✨ but we are now proud to say that our unique branding approach and fun filled characters that you see on our Smooth Lemon🍋 Vanilla and Honey🍯 Iced Tea cans have surpassed our wildest creative dreams.💭

We are now proud and pleased to introduce to you, our first product lineup, the rebirth of... PeelTEA🌱.

Meet the PeelTEAM🌱

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Patrick Bourne

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Nima Salimi-Bahri