Our Story✹

It all started with a simple ideađŸ€” In an industry filled with harsh chemicals, additives and unnatural ingredients, how could we create a tasteful drink to be enjoyed by our consumers around the world🌎 all while providing healthy nutrients and helping our planet?

Our production began in late 2020 at a home kitchen and soon expanded into a local Lethbridge cafĂ©â˜•Â kitchen, where we started producing after their business hours.

We started to see results in early 2021 and saw success with small-batch production, selling both in local markets and in the café where our production took place.

Our packaging has gone through many changes since Peeled Beverages was born✹ but we are now proud to say that our unique branding approach and fun filled characters that you see on our Smooth Lemon🍋 Vanilla and Honey🍯 Iced Tea cans have surpassed our wildest creative dreams.💭

How it all started✹
We noticed how tons of fruit & veggies go to waste every single year! We also know that fruit & vegetable peels are full of healthy nutrients such as quercetin
, polyphenols, and anthocyanidins. We asked ourselves, how could we extract those nutrients and transform them into a delicious beverage? How could we save them from going to the landfill? Thousands of attempts later and working hand in hand with some of the biggest labsđŸ€“ in Canada, our unique process of extracting those healthy nutrients from veggie peels came into reality!

A second challenge awaited us.đŸ’Ș Could we actually make the brew taste good?đŸ«ą After working with one of the leading flavour science groups in Canada, we finally found our answer! We'd discovered how to make a tasty, healthy, nutrient filled & refreshing beverageđŸŒ± with NO unenjoyable aftertaste or chemicals!

We are now proud and pleased to introduce to you, our first product lineup, the rebirth of... PeelTEAđŸŒ±.

Meet the PeelTEAMđŸŒ±

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Patrick Bourne

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Nima Salimi-Bahri